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The Immortal and Powerful Mexican Jaguars
Against Vampires


Remolding the Character
Mexican-Jaguar Ethics
Mexican-Jaguar: On War
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Warrior's Tradition
On Self-Sacrifice
Mexican-Indian Spirituality
Against Vampires
Anti New-Ager
Are we Mexicas?
Nahua Resistance

It is a monumental fact that among the Original People of the Americas, we find men of greatness and valor and knowledge, men who gave their lives to the service and protection of their people, community, and ancient spirituality. 


Furthermore, we owe to the Original People of the Americas the pure mathematical idea of the number ZERO; we owe to them the understanding of the GREAT SPIRIT force who talks to each individual human being in visions, in dreams, or through the dark silent winds; we owe to them the supernatural relationship between all living things-including plants and minerals and the four elements; we owe to them the metaphysical-poetic language clothed with majesty and tenderness that stretches to the four corners of the earth like lightning that opens the curtains of heaven raining the spirit of life and the tongues of fire touching our very beings.  We owe them our existence!!


Yet, dark-evil-forces are attempting to re-interpret the ancient spirituality of the ancient Original People inhabiting the Americas.  The majority of these evil forces are of European descent whose ancient grandparents denied and betrayed their ancient gods and spirit guides and who quickly accepted the Christian/Muslim doctrines.  Moreover, these are the same grand parents who with much indifference and ridiculed treated the teachings of our ancestors.  Not only that, but also massacred our ancestors.


Must we, then, betray our ancient fathers who gave their lives so that we can be clothed with fame and glory, must we betray them and let filthy new-age freaks blasphemed and reinterpret the teachings of our ancients?  Never!!


It is then out of love for my ancestors that I cry out, and demand the new age freak, to stop sucking the blood of my people, and to stop perverting the teaching left to us by our grand parents with their false spiritual yearnings.  


Who, among the New Agers, would not be upset if he witness the foundations of his spirituality being sapped and drained of its life source? 


Who, among the New Ager, would remain silent knowing that he is being spiritually rape, spiritually imprisoned, spiritually threatened, treated with indignity and contempt? 


My obligation as a descendant of the Original People of the Americas is to defend, not only the physical integrity of my people, but also their moral, and spiritual roots.


Therefore, in view of the evil that this new age faith brings (i.e., this false religion creates its gods and brings forth a theology in the image and essence of our native spirituality), with all my heart, might and spirit, I bear witness to the nations of the world and to the native American peoples, that if this is continued to allowed, the dignity and eternal glory of our ancestors will perish.  For this new age religion will push away the true and faithful teachings of our people and they will interpret such teachings according to their miserable and pitiful and spiritless existence. 


I love, obey, and trust the ancient teaching of my people above all things.  My prayers and offering of thanksgiving are given in sincerity and frankness and for the spiritual glorification and consecration of the Ancient People of the Americas.



Must we then allow the desecration and Christianization and Satanization of our ancient sacred scriptures and oral traditions?  Never!