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SEPT. 26, 2002

1. Northern Cheyenne
2. Arapaho
3. Shoshoni
4. Crow Tribe
5. Dakota Sioux Treaty Council
6. National Congress of American Indians-
Washington, D.C.

Brothers, greetings:

I, Bernard Red Cherries, Jr., Northern Cheyenne Sundance Priest, humbly request your presence at a meeting on October 20th, 2002, at the Tim Lame Woman residence at Rosebud Creek, 3½ miles east of Busby, Montana, at 1 PM. The purpose of this meeting is to address concerns involving our Sacred Sundance Ceremonial and the exploitation thereof. The following to include discussions of the current issues of exploitation involving the following ceremonials: Sacred Sweat-lodge and related ceremonials atached to our most sacred ways of life.

It has been some time now since we as Traditional Ceremonial Persons who depend on these ways for our very lives have said or done anything to aggressively approach this touchy subject. It has come time now to speak up and make a joint stand to protect that which our Grandfathers have left for us. It is our responsibility to ensure these ways remain sacred and as original as it was in the time of our Grandfathers. To do nothing and simply not say anything
would be the same as approving of the current abuse to continue.

It is these very Sacred Ways that our Grandfathers fought so hard to protect and were caused to suffer, not only at the policies of the United States Government, but the general public, as well. When the Sacred Sundance was banned by the government, our elders made numerous trips to Washington, D.C., begging to be allowed to practice these very Sacred Ceremonials. When they were denied, they
simply went underground and as a result of their bold actions and courage today, we still have our Sacred Songs and Language in which we communicate with the Sacred Spirits, Sacred Powers, Earth, Stars, Moons, and Elements; none of which could be fully understood or duplicated by anyone other than our own kind by virtue of having been customarily taught through our Physical and Spiritual
participation in these very Sacred Ceremonies.

Today in a fad-like fashion, our very Sacred Ways are being carried out in epidemic proportions all across this country, including overseas, being changed and misinterpreted by those not Traditionally or Ceremonially qualified to do so. The purpose of this gathering is not to further aggression or hatred towards no-one, but simply to call for protection of our Sacred Ceremonials, so we as our Grandfathers had done, can protect these ways for our Grandchildren.

The current policy of the American Indian Religious Freedom Act has not protected us or our Sacred Ceremonies and the Cultural and Spiritual integrity of our most Sacred Ways that are being changed to suit those other than it was intended for (our own). Today there is a misguided, misconcepted, and often corrupted overused view of what some Nations refer to as "Turtle Island", and the coming
together of all Nations in a Great Sundance Circle. I for one have yet to have heard anything from my elders about a "Turtle Island" and this great coming together of all Nations; In fact I was told of how we should be cautious of the "trickster" and how he would attempt to divide us, how he would use all of his knowledge, education and money to fool us!!! How we will be sincere and they will take from us the heart of all that exists, our lifeline, the Sacred Sundance.

If you look around you in all directions, you will now see what I write about. In some cases, I would assume it is permissible to allow for those of other Nations to pray with us, but to keep the cultural, Traditonal and Ceremonial integrity to the Traditonal, validated ceremonially taught leaders to hold and be the
interpreters for our grandchildren. These ways must remain
protected now, as we are now in the capacity to do so. A unified declaration to request protection and relevant changes to the American Indian Religious Freedom Act will be presented to the National Congress of American Indians on November 10-15th, 2002, in San Diego, California. To request for this protection is our responsibility as Traditional Sundance Peoples and Leaders. Copies
of this protection endeavor will be given to Congress and Senate through their elected officials.

Today there are now being held Sundances all across this country in State parks, National parks, and private lands, away from the Traditional authority, and besides this is a Tribal Level Ceremony that requires the participation of the entire tribe, young and old. So by doing so, those that hold or run these Sundances away from the Traditionals and People elude any corrective measure or action by the Traditional Leaders, Warrior Societies, and at best, give
society a false impression of our very Sacred Ways. These
Ceremonies cannot be bought like some dime store novelty or
duplicated by non-natives, as our language is our key to
communicating with the Earth, Spirits and Sacred Elements. Summoning the Powers in our Native Tongue and Song is priceless and irreplaceable.

We will have a Sweat Lodge Ceremony prior to our meeting, this will begin at around 1 PM, with refreshments to follow. After the meeting, a traditional dry meat meal will be served. I urge those of you to come with an open heart and mind and I remind all of you that this is neither a breeding ground for the hatred of others or place
to assassinate one's character, but a Sacred Gathering so we as Traditional People, Practitioners, and Spiritual Leaders can come together in a respectful and humble manner to address this issue of abuse and exploitation, and come up with a solution to protect our very Sacred Ceremonial Ways of Life.

So I humbly come before you and ask as a brother to join me in this endeavor to protect the Sacred Ways for our Grandchildren and future generations to come.

Ha-ho, Bernard Red Cherries Jr.

Northern Cheyenne Sundance-Arrow Priest, Elk Society Headsman. 7th generation direct descendant of Chief Little Wolf, who along with Dull Knife fought to bring the Northern Cheyenne home, from the Indian Territories-Oklahoma to the North Country, where "we forever
will remain"

cc: Francis Brown, Harold Smith, Jerry Redman, Joe Waterman-Arapaho Nation, John Pretty on Top- Crow Nation; Calvin First Bear- Dakota Sioux Nation; Shoshone Agency - Shoshoni Nation Cultural Commission, Ft. Washakie, Wy.; John Wooden Legs, Jr.-Vice Chairman- Northern Cheynne Tribe.; Lillian Sparks-National Congress of American
Indians-Washington, D.C.; Juana Veho-National Congress of American Indians-Washington, D.C.; Senator Ben Night Horse Campbell- Washington, D.C.; Senator Daniel Inoyah-Washington, D.C.; Committee on Indian Affairs, United States Senate. 838 Hart Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510

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