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Cultural Extremists
On the 'Nican Tlaca' Enigma
The Myth of the Vanishing Race
The Mestizo Concept: A Product of European Imperialism
El concepto de indio en América
OBITUARIES: G. Tantaquidgeon, 106
Christopher Columbus - on trial
Charioteer of the Gods/ Alien Versus Predator
The International Jew
On The Jewish Question
Anthropophagy: TRUE CANNIBALISM!
On Human Sacrifice
Sacrificios Humanos entre los Mexicas, Realidad o Fantasia?
Sacrificios Humanos
Death Be Not Strange
Jack D. Forbes: Eurocentric Concepts Harm Native People and What Do We Mean By America and American
Contra la deformación histórica-cultural
Nuestra Cultura Indígena
On the Spanish Catholic Inquisition
Myths of the Spaniards and Puritans
On the behavior of the Europeans toward the Native Americans
The Role of Disease in 'Conquest'
Germs, Plagues, Famine, Invasion, Friars, And Native Allies!
"Religious Aspects of the Conquest of Mexico"
There is no word for 'Devil' in the Nahuatl Language
Origins of First Americans Research
Links to Further research On the Origins of the First Americans
The Finding and Founding of Tenochtitlan
Attack on the Copernican Theory
Of the basis which the Indians have for worshipping the sun
ADDENDUM II: The Florentine Codex
Rabinal Achi: Act Four--Inside the Fortress
Cultural Visibility and the Cora
Los Voladores and the Return of the Ancestors
War Songs of the Tenochka
Cantares Mexicanos
Viva Mi General Francisco Villa!
In Spirit of Agustin Lorenzo
Corridos y Canciones del Pueblo
Poems & Speeches & Prayers & the Enemy Invasion
Second Chapter, Which Telleth of the Moon
Men Who Became Gods!
The Mexica or Mexiti
In Ixiptla In Teteo!
Teotecpillatolli: Noble Sacred Speech
Nahua Invocations
Cuento: La llorona
Puerta del Diablo: El Salvador
Moctezuma el Magnifico y la Invasion de Anahuak
In Blood and Fire!!
Excerpts of the Geneva Protocols
Amendment V, and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 18
Paper Wars
The Defense of Duffer's Drift
The Battle of the Bulge
Truth and Falsehood in War-Time
The Bryce Report
Sun Tzu: Arte de Guerra
Sun Tzu: On Spies
We Believe and Profess
Mushashi: Cinco Anillos
Sixth Chapter, which telleth of the men, the valiant men
Seeds of Revolt in the Americas: Synopsis
'Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders' & 'License To Kill'
Jose Ortega Y Gasset: On Plato's 'Republic' and On Forms of Government
Thomas Paine (17371809). Common Sense. 1776 [Excerpts]
Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality
Introduction to Deloria's "We Talk, You Listen"
My Tayta Jose Maria and the Indian aspect of the Peruvian Revolution
Philip Deere, Longest Walk speech
Bacbi'awak: 'Made To Die'
Born Gods!
Prologue: "The Stars We Know: Crow Indian Astronomy and Life-ways"
Black Elk Speaks: Visions of the Other World
Miantinomo, Acuera, and Tecumseh, Hatuey Speaks
Chief Seattle Speaks
Chief Red Cloud Speaks
Hopi: A Message for All People
On Judeo-Christianity
"LET'S MAKE A SLAVE" by Willie Lynch
On Slavery
On Indian Casinos
¿Quién Gobierna el Mundo?
Frida Kahlo is Not Our Hero!
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 Huaxcani Canca, Huehuestique Nahuatlan-Tecuanitzintla!
Welcome Home, Ancient Jaguars of Nahuatlan!

Welcome to the website of the Mexican-Jaguars. 
We are a group of individuals openly dedicated to the opposing of the alien elite, often foreigners in our culture and nation who have amassed great wealth through legal robbery, through illegal thievery, lying, deceit, slavery, death and opression.  They obsessively deny our existence and call us foreigners in our own lands.   They even call us a 'problem.'   It is for this reason that we are here:  to say to these alien race of bastards, to these outsiders sons-of-bitches that We, The Original and True Mexicans are still here....   That We are not dead!  That we, of the Mexican-Jaguars are descendants of those great builders of Teotihuacan and Teopantecuanitlan: that WE descend from Gods! 
We do not believe in myths and fictions created by Spaniards, English, French, or any European ...  (the semite-Jews included). 
We will continue to remain true and faithful to the legacy of our Greatgreatgrandfathers.   To what they left to us in their writings, and oral histories and traditions: to their monuments and murals; to their blood and sense of community and Racial kinship. 
We will not make the mistake in saying that we are the only group dedicated to such a glorious and divine mission.  No.  We are not the only ones!  
Yet, we are proud to say that we are the only group who maintains the simplest and boldest of ideas that others have yet to invoke:
2). That we too will become gods to our future children and grandchildren.  
We are then setting an example for others to follow.   
Also, this sites serves as a resource and research center for further exploration to our philosophy and way of thinking.  This site also serves as a celebration of the glory and fame of the Immortal and Powerful Mexican-Jaguars!  It serves as a forum for new developments by other Indianist groups throughout the Americas. 
At left you will find many articles and other resources to help you in your wonder to the mystery and power of our ancestors.  Also you will find further links: treasures for the genius in all of us. 
Welcome then to the journey of magic, logic, mystery, wisdom, glory and power.  
And if you find out that you are not one of us, then it is a simple matter of going somewhere else and begin anew the journey of self-discovery with others who share your views and racial characteristics.  
Mexican, You have two choices in front of you: either live in fear and ignorance or begin your awakening! 


Towards A New Dawn and A Victorious Awakening.


Sing: 'Mexican-Jaguars!' 'Victorious!'


Though others betray our Race, Nation, and Ancestors, WE, of the Mexican-Jaguars will remain Forever Faithful!!
This is Our Awakening!
Our Ancestors in Our Blood.
Our Family and Land in Our Hearts.
Our Roots will never die!
                        Born Mexican.
                        Born Brave!
                        Born Proud!
Mexican-Jaguars: Arise!


                This is Our World!   Our Ideology.
                These are our Lands!  Our Spirit.
                This is Our Time!   Our Rebellion.
                            NUESTRA AMERICA!
                        Nuestro Espiritu en Rebeldia

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I turn to Simplicity, I turn again to Purity!

Welcome to the Mexican-Jaguars' Stronghold!

Lucio Cabañas

¡De nican para tech quixtizque xtopa tech mictizque!
De aquí para poder sacarnos, primero tendrán que matarnos!
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