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Cultural Extremists
On the 'Nican Tlaca' Enigma
The Myth of the Vanishing Race
The Mestizo Concept: A Product of European Imperialism
El concepto de indio en América
OBITUARIES: G. Tantaquidgeon, 106
Christopher Columbus - on trial
Charioteer of the Gods/ Alien Versus Predator
The International Jew
On The Jewish Question
Anthropophagy: TRUE CANNIBALISM!
On Human Sacrifice
Sacrificios Humanos entre los Mexicas, Realidad o Fantasia?
Sacrificios Humanos
Death Be Not Strange
Jack D. Forbes: Eurocentric Concepts Harm Native People and What Do We Mean By America and American
Contra la deformación histórica-cultural
Nuestra Cultura Indígena
On the Spanish Catholic Inquisition
Myths of the Spaniards and Puritans
On the behavior of the Europeans toward the Native Americans
The Role of Disease in 'Conquest'
Germs, Plagues, Famine, Invasion, Friars, And Native Allies!
"Religious Aspects of the Conquest of Mexico"
There is no word for 'Devil' in the Nahuatl Language
Origins of First Americans Research
Links to Further research On the Origins of the First Americans
The Finding and Founding of Tenochtitlan
Attack on the Copernican Theory
Of the basis which the Indians have for worshipping the sun
ADDENDUM II: The Florentine Codex
Rabinal Achi: Act Four--Inside the Fortress
Cultural Visibility and the Cora
Los Voladores and the Return of the Ancestors
War Songs of the Tenochka
Cantares Mexicanos
Viva Mi General Francisco Villa!
In Spirit of Agustin Lorenzo
Corridos y Canciones del Pueblo
Poems & Speeches & Prayers & the Enemy Invasion
Second Chapter, Which Telleth of the Moon
Men Who Became Gods!
The Mexica or Mexiti
In Ixiptla In Teteo!
Teotecpillatolli: Noble Sacred Speech
Nahua Invocations
Cuento: La llorona
Puerta del Diablo: El Salvador
Moctezuma el Magnifico y la Invasion de Anahuak
In Blood and Fire!!
Excerpts of the Geneva Protocols
Amendment V, and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 18
Paper Wars
The Defense of Duffer's Drift
The Battle of the Bulge
Truth and Falsehood in War-Time
The Bryce Report
Sun Tzu: Arte de Guerra
Sun Tzu: On Spies
We Believe and Profess
Mushashi: Cinco Anillos
Sixth Chapter, which telleth of the men, the valiant men
Seeds of Revolt in the Americas: Synopsis
'Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders' & 'License To Kill'
Jose Ortega Y Gasset: On Plato's 'Republic' and On Forms of Government
Thomas Paine (17371809). Common Sense. 1776 [Excerpts]
Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality
Introduction to Deloria's "We Talk, You Listen"
My Tayta Jose Maria and the Indian aspect of the Peruvian Revolution
Philip Deere, Longest Walk speech
Bacbi'awak: 'Made To Die'
Born Gods!
Prologue: "The Stars We Know: Crow Indian Astronomy and Life-ways"
Black Elk Speaks: Visions of the Other World
Miantinomo, Acuera, and Tecumseh, Hatuey Speaks
Chief Seattle Speaks
Chief Red Cloud Speaks
Hopi: A Message for All People
On Judeo-Christianity
"LET'S MAKE A SLAVE" by Willie Lynch
On Slavery
On Indian Casinos
¿Quién Gobierna el Mundo?
Frida Kahlo is Not Our Hero!
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Tlelt Fire
Telt Stone
Achtli Seed (elder brother)
Teotl God, Sacred, Divine Power... etc.
Tatli Medicine
Quauhtli Eagle
Itta To see
Tecutli Lord
Nahualli Speaks with command
TeoShaShani Enchanter
Teyollokuani Heart Eater
Tetlachihuani He does things to people
Cipactli Dragon.. Cocrodile
Tlanahua To interpose something
Tlacatecolotl Wereowl
Yaotl adversary
Tiytlacuan We are his slaves
Tlalticpacque Lord of the earth
Matlapouhqui he who divines with the hands
Tlaolshiniani he who lets maize kernels fall
Ytlapiani its custodian
Tlatotoyahua to pour something
Painal Runner
Tlachixqui Seer


Huactzin / Huacton Laughing Falcon
Tetzahuitl Omen
Xiuhqui quimiltzin turquoise packer (like a bundle of herbs)
Tzintlatlauhqui red buttom
Centeotl ycnopiltzintli single god, son without a father
Nanahuatzin Poxy one
Huinaxcatl hungry sparrow hawk

Chicnauhtopa Nine beyonds
Temicxoch Dream Flower
Quauhlli Eagles
Ocelome Jaguars
Chicnauhmictla Nine lands of the dead
Noquequeloatzin The mocker
Nauhcampa Four directions
Yohuallahuatzin Night drinker
Ocelopetlatzine Jaguar mat

Tlatlauhqui Chichimecatl Red Chichimec
Tlatlauhqui Tezcatl Red Mirror
Nahual Tecutli Lord who speaks with command
Ylhuicac heaven
Ceteotlaloe Master of the desert
Toeypiltzin children of god
Centzontlamacasque 400 priests
Nahualtepexitl enchanted cliff
Xiuhpapatlantzin turquoise flyer
Tecihuitl hail or Hurrying of stones

Teteo Ynnan mother of gods
Teteo ynta father of gods

Nahui acatl Milintica 4 reed swirling
Xoxohuic cihuatl blue green woman
Xoxohuix ehecatl blue green wind
nahui acatl tleaxtica 4 reed blazing
Centeotl Single god or One god
Ylhuicac Pipiltin sons of heaven
Ticitl tlamatini very wise doctor

Tlamacazqui chicomocelot priest 7 jaguar
tlalocxochitl tlaloc flower
teteotlamacazque divine priest
tollantzinca little tollan
Toltectzinca little toltec
nicelyaotl i alone am the adversary
yztac papalotl white butterfly
cozahuic papalotl yellow butterfly
Tlaltecuintli Earth thumper
Teotlalhua (xochi) lord of the desert flower
Mizcoacihuatl puma-serpent-woman
Mixcoacihuatl Cloud-serpent- woman

Teteo Niypiltzin i am the child of the gods
teteo niytlachihual i am the creation of the gods

Xiuhpilli turquoise child
Xiuhtli Cozauhqui Milintica Yellow fire swirling
Cihuatequihua Female taskmaker
Tlaltecutli Ruler of the Earth
Teotlalpan the desert
Ixochicozqui his flowery necklace
Nochiauhtetepe my rich mountain
nomaquiztetepe my jewelled mountain
xiuhpiltzintli little turquoise child
Teotlalhua(xochi) Lord of the Deser (flower)

Xochiquetzalcihuatl lady precious quetzal
piltzintecutli lord prince
Coyotzatzic howls like a coyote
nahualtezcauh enchanted mirror
nuhualocelotl enchanted jaguar

tlallocatecutli lord of tlalocan
XOxohuic tlallocan blue green tlallocan
iztac tlallocan white tlallocan
cozahuic tlallocan yellow tlallocan
Nahualixeque those of enchanted eyes

xiuhpapatlantzin turquoise flyer
tecihuatlaqueme she of the female garment
chicnauhtlatetzotzonalli nine pounded
chicnauhtlattecpanilli nine crackled
citlalcueye iceneuh infant of the stat-skirted one (milky way)
citlalcueye itlacachihual human creation of the star skirted one
xochiteteo flower of the gods


Toyaoan house of war
tlaxotecayotl His glory be established
To Citli Quemitl In the garb of our ancestors
Xiuhcaotl lightning serpent
yaquetlaya first in rank
Tetzahuiztli he is terror
Imocxi he alone destroys
teo tepanquizqui representative of my god
tlaxotecatl divene hurler
teotla milacatzoaya the god turning himself in the combat

Xochtonaltecihuatlaqueme she of the female garment of the flowery

chicuetecpacihuatzin lady 8 flint

tlazopilli chicome coatl precious prince 7 serpent

tlamacasqui tlaxopilli chicome quauhtzin possessed prince of 7 eagles

nahualtocaitl disguised name

nauhcampa xitlatzitzqui sustains the 4 directions

Tecuani... Tecuan... Jaguar

tlazopilli centeotl precious prince single god

Apantihuitz she comes bedecked
cuitlalpitihuitz she comes girded
tzonilpitihuitz she comes braided
cecoatlica with one serpent
ca mach nelli teotl for indedd she is truly a goddess
ca mach nelli mahuiztic for indeed she is truly marvelous
cihuayotl femeninity or womb
cihuayaotl enemy of women

telpochtli yaotl young enemy
ayauhtli ytzon hair of mist
poctli itzon hair of smoke
cuaxochitl boundary
tlahuitl red ochre or light
tochalchiuh our jade
tocozqui our jewel
toquetzal our quetzalli

tlamatini wise
nixollotl i am xollotl
tlahuizcalpantecutli lord of the house of the dawn
nahualteteo god of the nahual
cipactonal sign of the dragon
nicipactli i am the dragon
teopipiltzin son of god
teoypiltzin y yolcaton the little animal of the child of the gods

ticitl wise man
tepalehuiani she who helps people
atlantachizque those who look into water
acitlalcueye dewdrop skirted one
altihueican in the greatness of the water
atl ipatlahuaca in the expanse of the waters
tlauhtzin light
tlauhcalco house of light
ayahualco in some circle of water
tlallocantecutli lord of tlalocan

chicnauhtopa nine beyonds
cozcatl jewel
tlatlauhqui pantecatl red one of the land of medicine
ayauhxihuitl mist herb
moquequeloatzin he who does not bear teasing
tlacauhque master of slaves... captain
tlacanahualli man of great learning
acxoyatl penitent

tlacopatli yellow priest
atlinan blue green woman
yauhtli marigold flower
quauhchimalli eagle shield
huiztli thorn

xollotli page
tlatlauhqui tlamacasqui red priest
coztic tlamacazqui yellow priest
tlamacasqui itzpapallotzin priest obsidian butterfly
coxauhqui cihuatl yellow woman
tlaxotli precious one
xoxohuix papalotl blue green butterfly
coxahuic papalotl yellow butterfly
iztac papallotl white butterfly
omitl bone
tlaloxihuatl tlaloc woman
topan beyond
xoxohuic blue green
cozahuic yellow
tlatlahuic red
iztac white

iztac quauh tzotzopitzin the white eagle perforator
totetzon our foundation
chicnauhpapatlantzin nine flyer
xiuhtli milintica fire swirling

tlamacazqui ce ocelotl priest one jaguar
chalchiuhomitl jade bone
tlatlauhqui cihuatl red woman
xochhua owner of flowers
atlinan water is its mother
tzoncoxahuiztica yellow haired one

coxauhqui tlapapalacatl yellow striped reed
tlauhqui tlapapalacatl red striped reed
tlamacazqui yappan dark divine banner
huizcol curved thorn
tonecoyan in the place of our will
nimatl i am the hand

atlacacemelli s stirrer of strife
teixcuepani deceiver
quiyocoyani in yaoyotl arranger of battles
yaotlatoani lord of battles
teoatl tlachinolli blood and fire
xiuhxoanahualli holding his serpent torch
matacaxe bracelet upon his arms
yaotla where war is
quachiquemitl clothing of the eagle
ytzicotla telipochtla youths from the south
itzinahuac telipochtla youth from the south also

yahuia oyatonac he shines forth
machiyotla tetemoya he descends as an example
tlacochcalli house of arrows
tlacochtli arrow
ayauhcalli house of mist
amapanitla anauhcampa thy banner is unfolded in all directions
teotihualcoya i am beheld as a god
nahualpilli noble child
ocelocoatl jaguar serpent

xochitlyen place of flowers
xozahuic xochitla yellow flowers blossom
izta xochitla white flowers blossom
toshi our mother
mixihuiloc yaotlatoa she gives birth to the adviser of battle
YAOTLATOA adviser of battles
ixcoxauhqui the yellow faced (fire)

Xochipilli lord of flowers
MAcuilxochitl five flowers
ichpochtli itzpapalotl virgin obsidian butterfly
atlayauhcan dancing place by the water
tlaixtotoca carefully selected
Tlacochcalico house of arrows

itzihueponi splendor of spears
yancuipilli new comer
cozcapilla little jewel
quauhuitl crest of eagles
nopiltzinaya mixcoatla our lord mixcoatl

yaocinahuatzin goddess of war
yaotlatocaya she appears when war is waged
Quauhihuitl xayahualli yocoyametl Eagle Crest Adorned in the Ancient

Cihuacoatl mother of twins

Colhuacan place of the ancestors
Xochitl noyollo the flower of my heart
ceyxochitl only flower
quetzallahuehuetl lovely water cypress
quetzalxiuixcoatl beauteous green serpent

YAOTLATOA words of war

achalchiuhtla cerelean water
yohuallahuani nocturnal tippler
xilonen tender ears of maize

atlahua master of waters
atlatl arrow
chimalticpac among the shields
tetzauhteotla a dreadful god
tezcatzintli noble mirror

tlamacazqui ce atl itonal priest whose sign is one water
tlamacazqui ce miquiztli priest whose sign is one death

(please note, errors in translation and spelling might have been
committed.... if any ones are found, do let me know. thanks.)

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