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Nahua Invocation:
you who are within my vessel

my solitary one

i shall be watching for you

i am watching

i, the old one

i, the dragon

ca otiquincaquilique
indeed we have heard from

cauhel tetlapololti
for indeed it causes turmoil

ca tetequipacho
indeed it causes anguish

yxquich yteoyotzin
the total divinity

ca ymahuizcotzin
there is the wonder

ymanel yca yohuac
though night had fallen

nomatca nehuatl
i myself

i am the hand

ca nehuatl niyoatl
for i am indeed the adversary

i am the mocker

ye axca yez
now it will be

my human counterparts

tia xihualhuian yaoyoque
please come forth warriors

in ihuan tlahuitequi
who thrash together

ca onicualhuicac
for i have brought forth

in nitlamacazqui
for i am the priest

in ixquichca nemi
who everywhere dwell

in yolli

inic nauhca niquintzatzilia
from the four directions i summon them

i am the one called night

inic nehuatl inic chicnauhtopa
for i am from the nine beyonds

at this time

in quahuili in occelome
the eagles and jaguars

in chicnauhmictlan
to the nine lands of the dead

tlalli innepantla
to the center of the earth

inic ye niquincuepaz
for i shall soon transform them

y nehuatl y niyohuallahuantzin
i who am the night drinker

auh ye huitz yn tlahueliloc
but now comes the hated one

the madman

y nauhcampa ticamachalotoc
you who open your mouth to the four directions

who knows the land of the dead

who knows the beyond

chama yequene onihualla
rejoice that i have finally come

i the lord of enchantments

nichualhuica tlamacazqui
i bring forth the the priest

at your left

yayuic coacihuiztli
the dark pain

yn teochamecantlahual
by the creations of the divine dwellers

tla xihualmohuica
please bring yourself forth

yz ceteotlaloe
here is the master of all deserts

yz cecomolihuie
here is the master of all pitted places

ypan nonyaz
that i shall go

ypan ninemiz
that i shall wander

y nacayollo
the hearts of flesh

nican elpachi
here has been sated

you will utterly destroy him

ca nican nicyolitiz
for here i shall give life

oncan tipoctiz
there you will give off smoke

oncan yoliz
there will come to life

oncan tlacatiz
there will be born

i am the single god

onihualla niquintemoz
i have come to seek

y mitic tlaliloc
what was hidden in you

ye nimitzonhuicaz
soon i shall carry you from here

we shall seek

the divine priests

he has come to drink

he has come to eat

yehuatl yca motlacotlatoque
they are loved

yehuatl yca mohueynectoque
they are held in high respect

ye tihuicoz
you will soon be carried

you are nourished

ye nican nicyolitiz
here i shall fashion

teteo niypiltzin
i am the child of the gods

teteo niytlachihual
i am the creation of the gods

yn teotlalhua
the lord of the desert

tlemuchitl yca tlatlapitztica
blowing upon all fires

ynqua onoque
on whose head lie

cuix ne nahahuiaz
shall i rejoice?

ye nictemoz
now i shall seek it

ye nicanaz
now i shall take it

ye nicnotzaz
soon i shall summon

y anmiquit
that which you have woven

yn antlacoteteo
you who are the precious goddesses

tla nican xoconpixti
please go and guard here

yn comalli
the rage

yn tlahuelli
the fury

here you will sieze it

yn nauhcanpa anonoque
you who lie in the four directions

into your presence

into your perception

yn onihualla
i have come

yn onechcoc
i have arrived

ma tlaocoya yn amoyollo
may your hearts not be sad

i have come to call them

nican macoz
here it will be given

yz cemilhuitl
here by day

yz ceyonual
here by night

nican tipaquiz
here you will be happy

nican tahuahuiaz
here you will rejoice

tla xihuiqui
please come

ma timomauhti
may you not be frightened

teteo niytlacachihual
i, the human creation of the gods

nictemoco canin
i have come to seek him wherever he is

nictemoco can man
i come to seek him where he exists

ihuan nictemoco
and i have come to seek

he is to howl like a coyote

i am his messenger

i am his companion

nican nichualhuicac
here i have brought forth

my enchanted mirror

i am the enchanted jaguar

onihualla niquimittaz
i have come to see

yayauhque tlamacazque
the dark priests

nican nichualhuica
here i bring forth

in iztac copalli
the white copal

quipiazque in tlamacazque
it will be guarded by the priests

those of obsidian teeth

tla xiquinpopoloti
please go and utterly destroy them

i have brought forth

they of the mirror-eyes

ompa ammaaxitizque
there you will draw near

tipa tiquittaz
you will be the first to see

ca nican nammechnotza
for here i call you

ca nican nammechtemoa
for here i seek you

i have come to lay for you

ixquich nicnotza
i am calling all of them

in nonehuian
according to my will

nican noopochcopa tonyetiaz
here on my left you will go along

ca nican qualca
for here is a good place

a fine place

nican timehuititiez
here you will be refreshed

tla xihualmohuica
please bring yourself forth

amo quexquich cahuitl
it will not be long

tla xuhualhuia tlalteuctli
please come forth ruler of the earth in

i shall greet

motech nihiyocuiz
with you i shall draw breath

motech niceceyaz
with you i shall be refreshed

ma huel xicmapiqui xicmatzollo
grasp it well, clench it

yc motetzahuizque
they will be put in awe

you will calm

the changer of hearts

on the mountain of mirrors

in the place of encounters

i am the youth

i have dawned

mixpantzinco oyecauhqui
before your eyes he was completed

you who are resplendent

i am the sage

lord of the house of dawn

i shall flare up

i know the land of the dead

i know the beyond

ye itic nontlachias in notexcauh
soon i shall see in my mirror

in nica nenemi
they walk here

no nehua
and i also

you will make good

you will make right

my enchanted head

ye nican nontlalpitza
for here i cast my breath

niccehuiz nonacayotzin
i shall calm down my body

yequene tiyohuallahuaniz
at last you will be the night drinker in

that which you seek

ca axcan nicyectecaco
for now i have come to make better

i go

tla nican xontlapixto
please go stand watch here

mopan nehcoz in moztla
for i shall be with you tomorow

i have come

ye huitz
now comes

to a good place

he will destroy you

mochi mochicahualis
of all your strength

ye tichuica
now you are bringing

tla xicpopoliti
please destroy



mopan popoliuhqui
through you he is destroyed

aman yequene
now at last

he will work for you

your creation

in the place of prosperity


come forth

in the place of our will

ahmo ye moyolloquimati
do you not know now in your heart?

tla nimitznapalo
let me take you in my arms

nican motlachihualtzin ye huitz qualcan nican yollopoliuhqui

from: Aztec Sorcerers in Seventeenth Century Mexico The Treatise on
Superstitions by Hernando Ruiz de Alarcon 1629

Nacxitl Topiltzin:
Singer: In Tollan stood the house of beams,
Where still the serpent columns stand deserted.
Gone away is Nacxitl Topiltzin.

Chorus: Departing, he is wept for by our
Lords. He goes away; goes to where he rests, in

Singer: Now he leaves them in Cholollan,
Traveling through the land of Poyautecatl, going
To Acallan.

Chorus: Departing, he is wept for by our
Lords. He goes away; goes to where he rests, in

Topiltzin: I am bound for Nonohualco,
I the one in Quechol plumes, I the lord who

Lord Matlacxochitl: I am grieving, my lord
Attired in plumes has gone away, he abandons
Me, I Matlacxochitl.

Topiltzin: As the mountain falls, I weep.
Alas, the ocean sands rise up.

Matlacxochitl: I am grieving, my lord attired
In plumes has gone away, he abandons me, I

Singer: In Tlapallan you are awaited. You
Are bidden there to sleep.

Chorus: You are moving onward now, my
Lord attired in plumes. You are bidden now to
Xicalanco, to Zacanco.

Singer: Ah, but no! Your palace, your
Temple—these you leave behind you here in
Tollan Nonohualco.

Chorus: We weep for the Lord, the Noble one.

Singer: Your palace, your temple—these you
Leave behind you here in Tollan Nonohualco.
The painted stones, the beams, you left them here
Behind you, in Tollan where you came to rule.

Chorus: Nacxitl Topiltzin!
Never can your name be lost,
For your people will be weeping.

Singer: The turquoise house, the serpent
House, you built them here in Tollan where you
Came to rule.

Chorus: Nacxitl Topiltzin!
Never can your name be lost,
For your people will be weeping.

This is a Nahua Prayer focusing on the Enemy.

Nomatca Nehuatl I myself
Ni-Quetzalcoatl I am the Precious Twin
Nimatl I am the hand
Ca Nehuatl Ni-yaolt For I am indeed the Adversary
Ni moquequeloatzin I am the Mocker
Atle ipan nitlamati I feel nothing
Ye axca yez Now it will be:
Ni quinmaahuiltiz I shall have sport
Nohueltihuan With my elder sisters,
Notlacaxellohua My human counterparts.
Inic niquinmaahuiltiz So that I may have sport with them
Tla xihualhuian olloque Please come forth, ballplayers
Yaoyoque Warriors
In ihuan tlahuitequi Who thrash together,
In ihuan tlatzotzona Who beat together;
Ca nica huitze For here come,
Nohueltihuan My elder sisters,
Notlacaxellohua my human counterparts,
Tiquinmaahuiltizque we shall have sport with them,
Yehuanti ezcotihuitze They will come bloodied,
Tlapallotihuitze The will come reddened,
Auh in nehuatl But I,
Amo nezco I am not bloodied,
Amo nitlapallo I am not reddened,
Ca onicualhuicac For I have brought forth,
In tlamacazqui ce atl intonal the priest whose sign is 1 water,
In tlamacazqui ce miquiztli the priest whose sign is 1 Death,
Ce tecpatl 1 flint,
Achtotipa ezcoaz he will be the first to be bloodied ,
Achtotipa tlapalloaz he will be the first to be reddened,
Tetl ihuintiz stone will be intoxicated ,
Quahuitl ihuntiz wood will be intoxicated,
Talli ihuntiz earth will be intoxicated,
Tonehua along with us.
Onichualhuicac I have brought forth
Nomiccama My dead hand,
Nomiccanacayo My dead body
Inic amo nicmatiz so that I shall feel nothing
Inic nechahuiltizq When they have sport with me-
In nohueltihua My elder sister
in notlacaxellohua My human counterparts.
Amo nehuatl in nechhuitequizque It is not I whom they will thrash
In nitlamacazqui For I am the Priest
Niquetzalcoatl I am the Precious Twin
Atle ipan nitlamati I feel nothing.
Nehuatl nitlamacazqui I, I am the Priest,
I am the Adversary
Nimoquequeloatzin I am the Mocker.
Ca ye no iz huitze For indeed here come
Nohueltihua My elder sisters,
Notlacaxellohua My human counterparts,
Ye quihualhuica Bringing forth
In mohueltiuh in xochiquetzal Your elder sister Flower Plume
Quihualhuica in ihiyo yez Bringing forth what is to be her toil,
In iicha tlahuitec Her spoon wool,
In iicpateuh her cotton ball,
Inic nechaahuiltizque to make sport of me.
Tla xihuallauh tlaltetecuin Please come forth, Earth-thumper,
Tla xihuallauh tonacametzin Please come forth, Maguey of our
Tla xihuallauh olloque Please come forth, ballplayers,
Yaoyoque Warriors
In ihua tlahuitequi who thrash together,
In ihua tlatzotzona who pound together.
Tla xihualhuia tlamacazque Please come forth, Priests,
Tonatiuh iquicayan From the sunrise,
Tonatiuh icalaquian From the sunset,
In ixquichca nemi who everywhere dwell,
In yolli live,
In patlantinemi And fly about.
Inic nauhca niquintzatzilia From the 4 directions I summon them,
Ye axca yez In order that it be so.

Tla xihuallauh ce tochtli Please come forth, 1 rabbit with head
Aquetzimani upraised

Tla ximixtlapachtlaca Please stretch out;
Tla xihuallauh ce atl itonal Please come forth, one whose sign is
1 water,

Tezcoaaz You will be bloodied,
Titlapalloaz you will be reddened
Tl imitzcalco Against their side,
Amo can canin Not just anywhere
Tiaz huel itzcalco will you go indeed against the side.
Tla xihuallauh ce tecpatl Please come forth, 1 Flint,
Tezcoaz you will be bloodied
Titlapalloaz You will be reddened.
Tla xihuallauh tlaltecuin Please come forth, Earth thumper.

In Ixiptla In Teteo!

In axcan ca otiteo. Mazo titotlacapo, mazo titanium, mazo
titopiltzin, manozo titiccauh, titlachcauh, ca aocmo titotlacapo, ca amo timitztlacaitta.

The Tlatoani becomes a living god:

Now you have become divine. Even though you may be a man like us, even though you are our friend, even though you are a son, even though you are our younger brother, our older brother, you are no longer a human being like us, we no longer see you as merely human.

Teoxihuitl. Inin itoca itech quiza in teotl ihuan in xihuitl. Zan quitoznequi iyaxca, itonal in teotl.

Teoxihuitl. This name is derived from `god' and `turquoise'. It means that [this stone] is his property, the tonally of the god… .

Yollotototl: inic mitoa yollotototl: yuh quitoa, in umpa tlaca, ca in icuac timiqui, mimixptlatia in toyollo.

Yollotototl: For this reason it is called `bird of the heart.' The men there say that when we die our hearts are converted [into these birds].

Culli, tecul. In tecul chicahuac, pipinqui, tzoniztac, cuaiztac.  Otlatziuh. Aoc quen ca iyollo: oteoti.

The grandfather, the people's grandfather. The people's grandfather is hard, strong, old, white haired. Tired. His heart is no longer an ordinary heart: it became divine.

To die in battle:
Ye oncan ca notequiuh: beginning with this is my obligation.

… Teoatenpan, tlachinoltenpan
In tihualihualoc: teoatl,
Tlachinolli molhuil,
Motequiuh: ticatlitiz,
Tictlacualtiz, tictlamacaz in
Tonatiuh, in Tlaltecuhtli.

… you were sent to the
Edge of the divine water,
To the edge of the blaze.
The divine water, the
Blaze are your fate, your
Obligation. You will quench the
Thirst, you will nourish, give food
To the Sun, to the Earth.

[Cuauhtlactli] tetech
Quizqui, teneneuhca,
Temaxallo, tetech quiza,
Tenenhuilia, tetoquilia,

[the term `Tree Trunk']
Has come from people; it
Resembles people;
It derives from people;
It proceeds from people;
It is a continuation.

One of the texts come from Sahaguns's work. In discussing the name given to the city of Teotihuacan, he states:

And it was named Teotihuacan, "the city of teotl," that
is "god", because they held that that the lords who were buried there were canonized as gods after their deaths, and that they did not die, but awakened from a dream in which they had lived. Therefore, the ancients said that when they died, men did not perish, but began to live again almost as if awakened from a dream, and that they became spirits or gods.

They said to them , "Lord, lady, awaken, now it is beginning to dawn, now it is daybreak; the yellow, plumed birds are beginning to sing, and now the multicolored butterflies are flying." And when someone died they were accustomed to say that now he was teotl, which meant that he had died in order to become a sprite or a god.
And the ancients believed, on their self-deception, that when the lords died, they became gods. So they would be feared and obeyed the rulers said that some became a Sun, others the Moon, and still other planets.
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