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War Songs of the Tenochka
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Note: the following songs were take from:
"Poem of the Aztec Peoples." Translated by Edaward Kissam and
Michael Schmidt
Song of Huitzilopochtli

He was born on a smoking shield,
He is War,
The Sun has become a Warrior,
He was born
Out of the belly of Earth.

He was born on a smoking shield,
He is War,
The Sun has become a Warrior,
He was born
Out of the belly of Earth.

He is the first,
He leads the way, on Snake Mountain.
His mask
Is a shield, the Sun rays splaying
In all
Four directions, all
Over the world.
At the ridge he puts it on.

He is most manly of them all,
Most potent.
As he shows himself, as he appears
The earth shakes and trembles,
Letting loose

They cover before him.

Will wear the shield of the Sun's rays?
The world
The mask to cover his face.

Tezcatlipoca's Song

I myself am the enemy.
I search out the servants and messengers
of my relatives
who are dressed in dark plumes,
who are plumes of rain.

I have to see them here,
not tomorrow or the next day.

I have my magic mirror with me
smoking with stars,
and my allies

until those others, my relatives, those
dark plumes of rain in glistening sun

until they are put away.
War Death
Heart, have no fright.
There on the battlefield
I cannot wait to die
by the battle of sharp obsidian.
Our hearts want nothing but a war death.

You who are in the struggle:
I am anxious for a death
from sharp onsidian.
Our hearts want nothing but a war death.
Wolf Of Cohuacan…
Reliant on
The word
Of the White Wolf
Of Cohuacan…

Seeking which make
Reliant on
Our Lord
The Sun …

I too
It is said …
Everywhere is hatred.
In spring the songs are not
Of peace
The flowers not
Of peace.

Everywhere is hatred.

Ometeotl to the Warriors

Ometeotl to the Warriors

Where men rule
We rule,

It is the first law—

Sun, the mirror
Which makes things shine and alive
Must war with night.

`they are going, they are ready!
Be drunk, be drunk,

It is our work,
It is the work
Of the androgyne (who gave men life)

Men do when they die
At dawn—

Sun, the shinning mirror to them,
Making all things live.

Our Lord Cuauhtemoc…
Now we are convinced
Our Lord Cuauhtemoc…

Your heart spins around
Noble Lord Cuauhtemoc,
It is war, the Eagle,
The earth convulses in his claws,
The sky spins around.
It is that he is been abandoned:
The barbarian's Deer-Man.
The eagle's war flower
Flowers from the marl,
Blossoms of plumage
Made men's hearts
But the eagle's war flower
Bent the hearts of men.
And war Lords passed
Lords become bright

No one perceives
The shield-flowers whither.
We must go elsewhere, nowhere,
Move aside, make room for others.
Earth is a loan to us.

A lily of wind,
The spinning shield—
Dust like smoke rises.
The Warrior's whistle
Sounds in Tenochtitlan!

While the Chiefs pass their time
In games

Do not be last
Your fortune is war.

The sun rises up at dawn
Like an Eagle.

He knows where
His life is.
Flower of shields
Sunflower, flower of shields
Spins around, rich, sweet-smelling
Flower. It is in our hands
Here, by the shimmering water,
In a plain flowing like water with men,
The god will pick them, flowers.
Sacred crazy flowers,
Sacred crazy flowers,
Flowers of bonfires,
Our only ornament,
War flowers.
Oh our arrows
How do they fall?
`These hearts, ripe fruit for harvest.

Look at them,

These fall, the hearts-- Oh our arrows
These fall, the hearts-- Oh our arrows

Poem of Warriors

None so strong, none so prized
As the Eagle in flight,
The Jaguar whose heart is a mountain:
They submit to serve.
The yellow Jaguar weeps.
The White Eagle forms a war cry
Through his hands.
These are our beloved Lords…

There was the shaping of Eagles,
Making of Jaguars—our Lords
There was a plain of battle
Where the Jaguars learned their color,
Where the Eagles swayed.
A place
Where Ipalnemoani
Takes whom he will …


Song of Warriors

Eagles and Jaguars, into each other's arms
While the shield sound, they come together
To the gathering
There will be captives, y yao ay yaha

They are scattered, they fall on us,
The flowers of war which are used
To please the giver of life, the Sun.

Where it is boiling, where everything is upturned,
In the place of war,
Where there is glory and fame to have,
Place where the rattles sound,
Where a cloud of dust opens up; ohuaya ohuaya

The flowered war need never end; it stays
By the river: there
The Jaguars as flowers,
The flowers of shields, have opened their petals,
There, in the place where rattles sound.
Ohuaya ohuaya

There is the sweet garden of Jaguars: they will fall
In the midst of the plain.
They will pour their fragrance upon us,
On us who wish glory and fame and honors. Ohuaya

The ungrateful flowers, those flowers of hearts
Have sprung up on the battlefields, at the edge of the fight
Where the Lords find honor and glory. Ohuaya

The shield of Eagles mesh with the standard of Jaguars.
Shields with green Quetzal feathers are given out.
The helmets, with gold-colored plumes, moving like a snake,
Shaking there in the boil, and the Chalca and Amaquemecan Warriors
Leap into battle, they who came, together, in great confusion. Ohuaya

With a sharp noise
The arrow broke,
Its obsidian point splinters,
Upon us,
The dust spreads,
Is boiling. Ohuaya ohuaya

Where are you going?
Where are you going? Where are you going?
To war, to the sacred water.
There are mother, Flying Obsidian,
Dyes men, on the battlefield.
The dust rises
On the pool of flame,
The heart of the god of Sun is wounded.
Oh Mactlacueye, oh Macuil Malinalli!
War is like a flower.
You are going to hold it in your hands.

Rattles shake the plain

Rattles shake the plain
Where Tlacahuetantzin was left behind:
With yellow flowers
He is going to sweeten the realm of death.

You are only hiding in the north,
In Seven Caves,
Where acacia grows, where the Jaguar howls,
Where the Eagle roars, where everything is made.

You are the Quechol, flame colored,
Where you fly over the plain,
Through the realm of death.

Homage to Tlacahuepan

With shields, you paint nobility.
With arrows, you write battle.
Now, you dress yourself in plumes
And paint your face with chalk for the sacrifice.
Oh Tlacahuepan,
You are going to take them with you into the realm
Of mystery.

Oh Tlacahuepan, you are over the rulers.
You cry out, the Eagle who is red answers you.
Like a dancer, who is to die,
With whistling hands,
And at the end, to the realm of mystery.

Your song is like a mottled Jaguar.
Your flower is like the spread wings of an Eagle.
Oh my prince, as a dancer, who is to die,
There is the clash of shields.
How beautifully you play your drum.

Your garland the nobles with flowers of the Eagle,
The gathering of friends, oh dancer, who is to die,
The wine of precious flowers makes men drunk and brave
And he will dress himself with his flowers and songs
In the realm of mystery.

Perhaps the Mexicans are signing there too.

Elegy for Tlacahuepantzin

God of rattlesnakes!
Your flower tremble—
Jaguar, Eagle warriors roar.

The war prince befriends
And favors us. But flowers
Of flesh wither.
There, by the drums,
They are shuddering like women.

The war-dead! In the flowering water
With shields and banners raised!
Not by spears or arrows
The precious flower falls.
The flower made of human body
Will never taint the moss
Of Motecuzuma, will not ever
Sprout again in Mexico.

Smoke-tainted, your red bird of light:
You pass, Beloved Lord Tlacahuepan.
Smoke-stained, the god renews him.
God, god tears your flesh away!

… desolate my heart,
I see a child
Tremble like a feather

I go to the garden
Where the Lords
Make each other proud with flowers.
I see a child…
Nezahualpilli's Lament

My heart is drunk:
And the zacuan bird is singing
Over the shield stockade,
Stockade of spears.

Tlacahuepan, neighbor, friend,
Rejoice! You with your shaven head
Are like one of the Cuexteca people—
Drunk with the flower waters,
By the shore of bird-river,
With your shaven head.

Rocks fracture
Jewels, precious feathers,
My lords:
Those who were drunk with death
In the plain water,
On the shore—there,
The Mexicans among cactus.

The Eagle screams,
Warrior with the Jaguar's face roars,
O Lord Macuil Malinalli;
There in the field of smoke,
Field of red …
It is right, it is right
The Mexicans make war!

My Lord
Blood-stained, death-yellow
The Lord of the Cuextecas,
His skirt now black as the Zapote fruit.
The glory of war clothes my friend
Tlacahuepan—in the mystery
Where one perhaps lives on.

My Lord
Matlacuiatzin is drunk
With the flower of war, death-yellow
Lord of the Cuextecas,
Bathed in the liquid of war.
Together they go
Where one perhaps lives on.

Sound the Jaguar's trumpet!
Eagle on the war-stone screams,
There on the carcasses of our dead Lords.
The old men pass, Cuextecas
Drunk with the flower of shields.
In Atlixco they dance!

Sound the turquoise drum.
Cactuses are drunk with fallen flowers;
You with the Heron head-dress,
You with the painted body.
They hear him, go beside him,
Birds with flower-bright beaks
Accompany the strong youth
With the Jaguar shield. He has returned to them.

I weep
From my heart, I, Nezahualpilli.
I search for my comrades
But the old Lord is gone,
The petal-green Quetzal,
And gone
The young warrior

Let the sky-blue by your dwelling!
Are Tlatohuetzin and Acapipiyol coming
To taste the water here
As I am weeping?

I see the Eagle and the Jaguar warrior.
Their Glory saddens me who will depart
From earth, from friendship of warriors.

You fly to us, bird
With a sword in your claw
And darts. Perched
In your own temple you preen
And sway among the drums.

Rain of down:
Like a sacred Heron you preen
And sway among the drums.
You tint the fire
And color the throne of warriors.
My friends, you are Lords
In the springtime palace.
What does Ipalnemoani require of us?

You will not remain long
In this palace. Nezahualpilli,
Our friend, deserts you. War
Sends up its flowers. Some grow,
Some whither. They are Eagles, Jaguars of War.

Those that whither
Come back to you,

A march of Warriors
To the region of Death:
Every Lord descended
But returned
In a flash
To live in the face of the Sun.

Now they wander
The endless plain of the dead.


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