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Mexican-Jaguar: For Honor and Glory!!
Teo-tecpillatolli: Noble Sacred Speech

Ixtlahuatl + Yahualiuhcan (field + Circle) = Battlefield = Celestial

"I come from circle on high" means he is arriving from `paradise' in

Ipalnemohuani: Life Giver
Tlacatl: Master
Moquequeloa: Mocker
Teotl: Sacred (impersonal force, power, spirit)
Teixiptla: Impersonator, substitute, image (physical representation
or incarnation of Teotl. It could be the effigies of stone, colors,
implements, shells, bells, wood, or sacred dough or ritual attire…
these Teixiptlas form the divinity. For example, the divinity or
sacredness of Huitzilopochtli is created through the construction and
adornment of his Teixiptla.)
Xiuhitzolli: Turquoise headdress
In TeoAtl Tlachinolli: Sacred lightning storm
Xiuhcoatl: fire serpent
Teocalli: Sacred House
Tonalamatl: Sacred paper (Sacred book)
TLAQUIMILOLLI: Sacred Bundle … this literally means "the bundled up
thing; it is derived from QUIMILOA, NITLA, which means: to wrap up
Teomamas: bearers of the sacred bundle
Mexica Tlatlamacazque:
Altepetliyollo: Heart of the city
Tlaxochimaco: Giving of Flowers
Panquetzaliztli/ Teotleco/ Tititl/ Toxcatl: monthly feast to honor
Huitzilopochtli…. (panquetzaliztli: the raising of banners)
Tonalpohualli: Sun count… sacred count of 260 days
Huatli: Amaranth seeds (sacred) Michihuatli: fish amaranth
Tzoalli: sacred bones: seeds … Tzoalli Teixiptla: dough in the
shape or in the representation of the sacred
Tepictoton: the little molded ones… they were made of Tzoalli. One
could also make [sacred] tzoalli cakes or tamales.
Ipaina Huitzilopochtli: The haste or swiftness of Huitzilopochtli
Xocotl: sacred pole
Coatlicue: she of the serpent skirt
Yolotlicue: she of the heart skirt
Tezcatl: mirror

Tlalticpaque: World owner
Yaotl: Warrior
Totecuiyo: Our Lord
Tloque Nahuaque: Ever present, ever near

Ipaltinemi: Life Giver
Nahuaque: Ever near
Necoc (On both sides) Necoc
Mochiuhtoc/ Mochiuhtica: self maker

Chane: Master
Ilhuicatl Iyollo: Heart of Heaven
Maman: Enduring one (?)
Ce Olintzin (One Movement… creator)

Icelteotl: Only spirit
Cemihcac Chane: everlasting
Our father: tota (tahtli)

Teuctli: Lord
Tlatoani: first speaker
Tlailotlac Teuctli: Lord Arbiter
Tlailotlaqui: arbiter
Tezcacoacatl: executioner
Atecpanecatl: Water-Palace Dweller

The Sun
Tonatiuh: Sun
Cuauhtli: Eagle
Cuauhtli Iztac: White Eagle
Cuauhtlehuanitl: Ascending Eagle
Cuauhtemoc: Descending Eagle
Oztomecatl: Cave dweller
Xipilli: turquoise noble or child (endings: pil: child/ ton: little)

The Sun as a bird
Quetzaltototl: quetzal
Quechol: swan
Huitzilin: hummingbird
Tzinitzcan: trogon
Xiuhtototl: cotinga

The Sun as Huitzilopochtli
Ilhuicaxoxohuic: blue sky
Xoxohuic Tlacochtli: Blue Javelin

Macuilxochitl: five flower

Sacred Circle Above: Heaven
Ilhuicatlitic: heaven
Yectli Cuicatlan: place of good song
Xochitlalpan: land of flowers
Tonacatlalpan: Land of plenty
Ichan Ipalnemohuani: Life Giver's Home
Atempan: The shore
teoatempa: the sacred shore
Nauhcampa: the four directions
Cemanahuac: the eternal shore
Nonoalco: Nonoalco
Atlihtic: Water's Midst
Quetzalatlitic: In the plume water
Xopan: green places
Tochan: Our home
Topan: Our place
Totlatocan (tlahtocan): our palace
Tlahuizcalli: Dawn's house
Tlapallan: Tlapallan
Tlapapalcalli: house of colors
Tlatlayan: land of fire
Poctlan: land of smoke
Teotihuacan: Land of spirit becoming
Teopan: sacred or spirit land
Xopantlalpan: land of green places
Nelhuayocan: Place of origin
Toquizayan: our coming-out place
Quetzalmiyahuayocan: place of tassel plumes
Tamoanchan: Tamoanchan
Amicohuayan: place of no death
Zacuancalco: troupial house
Huitziltepetl: hummingbird mountain
Teocuitlapetlatl: Sacred golden petate (mat)

Route and stops to the House of the SUN:

House of the Sun:
Tlahuizcalli: Dawn's house
Atl Icuiliuhyan: The place of the painted water

Tlauhtonatiuh Chimale Cuicane: Red Sun: Master of Shields
Ilhuicatlitic: Heaven
Mixcaocalli: House of Mixcoa

Huehuetitlan: Beside the Drum (also it could be translated as Temple)

Quiappan: Place of Rain

Xopan: Green Location (Spring or Summer)

Mictlan: Dead Land
Ximohuayan: Place where all are shorn
Quenonamican: place unknown
Temohuayan: dead land ("going down place")
Chiappan: rattlesnake place
Chiucnauhtecatepetl: city of the dwellers-among-the-nine

Oztotl: Cave

Oztocalli: Cavern House

Celestial garden:
Petlatl: mat
Amoxpetlapan: picture mat
Quiappan: Place of rain
Chalchiuhcalli: jade house
Quetzalcalli: plume house

Cuicatlan: place of song
Xochipetlatl: flower mat
Xochicalli: flower house
Xochithualli: flower court
Cuauhithualli: Eagle patio

Legion of the Dead:

Nepapan Tlaca: The multitude
Nepapan Tototl: The Sundry birds
Nepapan Xochitl: All the flowers
Centzonxiquipilli: 400 x 8,000

Tlalli Olini: This Earth is shaking
Tlalli Mocuepa: The Earth is rolling over
Tlalli Mocuepa Ilhuicatl Olini: the earth rolls over, the sky shakes

Tlalocan: Place of the Tlaloque

Tamoanchan: Where the Tree of Flowers stand

Xochitlalpan: Flower Land

Xochitl: flower
Xochicuauhuitl: flower tree
Xiloxochitl: cornsilk flower
Izquixochitl: popcorn flower
Cacahuaxochitl: cacao flower
Cuauhnanacatl: Tree mushroom

Cuauhtli: Eagle
Ocelotl: Jaguar
Cuauhtlocelotl: Eagle Jaguar
Oquichtli: Brave
Yahqui (yaoque): Warrior
Cuachic: Valiant
Chichimecatl: Daring warrior
Tenamitl: Bulwark
Tlecaxitl: Firebrand
Chimalli: Shield
Tehuehuelli: Buckler
Coyolli: Bell
Oyohualli: Bell
Mitl: Arrow
Tlacochtli: Javelin
Itztli: Knife
Quemitl: cape
Tolin: rush
Acatl: reed
Tzihuactli: Spine
Mizquitl: Mesquite
Tolpatlactli: bulrush
Tolomaz: rush hunter (captor)
Acapepena: Reed picker (Acapehpenantzin)

Malli: captive
Tlazotli: loved one
Ehuatl: hide
Huahuantli: striper
Panitl: banner
Amatl: paper banner
Cuauhtzotzocolli: Eagle urn
Huicolli: cup
Tecomatl: jar
Atl: water
Maitl: hand
Yollotl: heart
Cuaitl: head

Xihuitl: turquoise
Chalchihuitl: Jade
Maquiztli: bracelet
Maquiztetl: bracelet gem
Tlapalchalchihuitl: redstone
Teocuitlatl: gold
Ihuitl: feather
Quetzalli: quetzal plume

Nahualli: double... ghost
Ixnextli: apparition
Amoxtli: picture
Tlacuilolli: Painting
Ilacatziuh: whirled one
Yecolli: creation
Tlayocolli: created one
Yacatl: shoot
Tlapitzalli: New-minted one
Tlaocolli: sadness
Choquiztli: tears
Tehuetzquiti: joy
Teyolquima: heart pleaser
Aitzin: Treasure (?)

Yolloxochitl: heart flower (Talauma Mexicana)
Oceloxochitl: Jaguar flower (Tigridia pavonia)
Macpalxochitl: hand flower (Chiranthodendron pentadactylon)
Papalomichin: butterfly fish (Sparus sp.?)

Xilotl: Milk Corn
Cacamatl: Baby Maize Ears
Amatl: Banner
Tizatl Ihuitl: Chalk and Feather

Huehuetl: drum
Teponaztli: log drum
Cuicatl: song
Tlatolli: word
Ayacachtli: rattle
Ehcacehuaztli: fan
Chicuacolli: crook
Petlacotl: arbor

Cuauhxicalli: Eagle vessel

Yaomiquiztli: war death
Itzimiquiztli: Knife Death

Temalacatl: Round-stone

Yaopan: Enemy place (battlefield)
Yaoyotl: Enemy business (war)
Yaotl: Supreme Spirit (Enemy)
Totepantlatocauh: Our intercessor
Pinotl: Stranger/ Savage

Friends: Icniuhyotl/ Icnuitli: friend/comrade
Comrades: Coayotl/ Coatl (comrade or companion)

Iyollo Niccocoa: to wound one's heart (to offend, to insult someone)

Tecpillatolli: Noble Speech
Macehuallatolli: Speech of Vassals
Macehualtin: Vassals
Teteuctin: Lords
Pipiltin: Nobles

Machtli: Nephew
Tlatli: Uncle
Tahtli: father
Achcuauhtli: (elder) brother
Iccauhtli: (younger) brother

Chimalzochitl: shield flower
Maquizquechol: bracelet swan
Teocuitla-amoxtli: gold picture
Chalchiuhtlacuilolli: jade painting
Itzquemitl: knife cape

Colli: Forefather
Huicololli: ancestor
Nantli: mother
Nomocolton: little grandfather
Nelhuayotl: root
Mecatl: garland (rope or link)

Papalotl: butterfly
Tototl: bird
Michin: fish
Toztli: parrot
Xiuhtototl: cotinga
Tzinitzcan: trogon
Quechol: swan (?)
Zacuan: troupial
Huitzilin: hummingbird

Mexico Tenochtitlan:
Atl Ixiquitic: Water's Navel
Atlihtic: Water's midst
Tlilapan: dark-water place
Amochco: place of the water weed
Acapechocan: Barge street
Yancuic Tlalli: American Continent

Tlalticpac: Earth
Tlalpan: the ground
Cemanahuac: the world

Dance floor/battlefield:
Yaopan: battlefield
Tlachinoltepec: Blaze land
Atl Itempan: Flood's edge
Ocelozacatl Ipan: Jaguar's Meadow
Mahuizpan: place of fear
Ohuihcan: place of danger
Atlauhtli: the gorge
Acatempan: reed's edge
Quetzal Tenanticpac: among bulwark plumes
Ixtlahuatl: the field
Yahualiuhcan: the circle
The principal altar: MOMOZTLI

Chichimeca: prideful designation with which all Aztec warriors and
speakers identify themselves with (Brave, powerful, warrior per

Amoxcalli: library
Palace forecourt: Quiahuac
Inner court: Ithualli
Mat: Petlatl
Enclosure: Chinamitl
Artificial Flower Tree: Xochicuahuitl
Arbors: Petlacotl

Huehuetl: drum (vs. Ahuehuetl: cypress)
Rattle: Ayacachtli
Rasp or rattle stick: Omichicahuaztli
Turtle drum: Ayotl
Gourd-rattle sistrum: Ayochicahuaztli
The Conch: Teucciztli
Flute: Huilacapitztli
Gong: Tetzilacatl
Bell or jingles: Coyolli, Oyohualli, Tzitzilin
Fan: Ecacehuaztli
Crook: Chicuacolli
Guitar or harp: Mecahuehuetl

The dancing of young people: Mozos
Macehualiztli: sacred dance (Macehua: to dance)
Netotiliztli: popular dance (Itotia: to dance)
Ancient oratory: huehuetlatolli

Teponazcuicatl: Teponaztli songs
Tlaocolcuicatl: Sadness song
Xochicuicatl: flower song
Nenahuaizcuicatl: embracing song
Melahuac cuicatl: plain song
Atequilizcuicatl: water-pouring song
Cacacuicatl: peeper song
Cozcacuicatl: jewel song
Cuauhcuicatl: Eagle song
Icnocuicatl: bereavement song
Michcuicatl: fish song
Tequixtilizcuicatl: bringing-out song
Teuccuicatl: lord song
Totocuicatl: bird song
Xopancuicatl: song of green places or spring song

Otoncuicatl: Otomi song
Yaocuicatl: war song

Cihuacuicatl: female song
Cococuicatl: dove song
Cuecuechcuicatl: ribald song
Huehuecuicatl: Old man song
Tochcuicatl: wanton song
Cihuaixnexcuicatl: Female spirit is produced song
Pilcuicatl: children song

Chalcayotl: chalcan praise
Chichimecayotl: Chichimec praise
Cuextecayotl: Huaxtec praise
Huexotzincayotl: Huexotzincan praise
Matlatzincayotl: Matlatzinca praise
Mexicayotl: Mexican praise
Tlaxcaltecayotl: Tlaxcalan praise

Atltepetl Mexico nican: this city of Mexico (vs. nican tlaca: these
people LOL)
Yoma: to penetrate

Our grandsons: Tixhuihuan/ Toxhuihuan

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