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Chief Red Cloud Speaks
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The Mestizo Concept: A Product of European Imperialism
El concepto de indio en América
OBITUARIES: G. Tantaquidgeon, 106
Christopher Columbus - on trial
Charioteer of the Gods/ Alien Versus Predator
The International Jew
On The Jewish Question
Anthropophagy: TRUE CANNIBALISM!
On Human Sacrifice
Sacrificios Humanos entre los Mexicas, Realidad o Fantasia?
Sacrificios Humanos
Death Be Not Strange
Jack D. Forbes: Eurocentric Concepts Harm Native People and What Do We Mean By America and American
Contra la deformación histórica-cultural
Nuestra Cultura Indígena
On the Spanish Catholic Inquisition
Myths of the Spaniards and Puritans
On the behavior of the Europeans toward the Native Americans
The Role of Disease in 'Conquest'
Germs, Plagues, Famine, Invasion, Friars, And Native Allies!
"Religious Aspects of the Conquest of Mexico"
There is no word for 'Devil' in the Nahuatl Language
Origins of First Americans Research
Links to Further research On the Origins of the First Americans
The Finding and Founding of Tenochtitlan
Attack on the Copernican Theory
Of the basis which the Indians have for worshipping the sun
ADDENDUM II: The Florentine Codex
Rabinal Achi: Act Four--Inside the Fortress
Cultural Visibility and the Cora
Los Voladores and the Return of the Ancestors
War Songs of the Tenochka
Cantares Mexicanos
Viva Mi General Francisco Villa!
In Spirit of Agustin Lorenzo
Corridos y Canciones del Pueblo
Poems & Speeches & Prayers & the Enemy Invasion
Second Chapter, Which Telleth of the Moon
Men Who Became Gods!
The Mexica or Mexiti
In Ixiptla In Teteo!
Teotecpillatolli: Noble Sacred Speech
Nahua Invocations
Cuento: La llorona
Puerta del Diablo: El Salvador
Moctezuma el Magnifico y la Invasion de Anahuak
In Blood and Fire!!
Excerpts of the Geneva Protocols
Amendment V, and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 18
Paper Wars
The Defense of Duffer's Drift
The Battle of the Bulge
Truth and Falsehood in War-Time
The Bryce Report
Sun Tzu: Arte de Guerra
Sun Tzu: On Spies
We Believe and Profess
Mushashi: Cinco Anillos
Sixth Chapter, which telleth of the men, the valiant men
Seeds of Revolt in the Americas: Synopsis
'Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders' & 'License To Kill'
Jose Ortega Y Gasset: On Plato's 'Republic' and On Forms of Government
Thomas Paine (17371809). Common Sense. 1776 [Excerpts]
Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality
Introduction to Deloria's "We Talk, You Listen"
My Tayta Jose Maria and the Indian aspect of the Peruvian Revolution
Philip Deere, Longest Walk speech
Bacbi'awak: 'Made To Die'
Born Gods!
Prologue: "The Stars We Know: Crow Indian Astronomy and Life-ways"
Black Elk Speaks: Visions of the Other World
Miantinomo, Acuera, and Tecumseh, Hatuey Speaks
Chief Seattle Speaks
Chief Red Cloud Speaks
Hopi: A Message for All People
On Judeo-Christianity
"LET'S MAKE A SLAVE" by Willie Lynch
On Slavery
On Indian Casinos
¿Quién Gobierna el Mundo?
Frida Kahlo is Not Our Hero!
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Your religious calling was written on the plates of stone by the flaming finger of an angry God.

[Vuestra llamada religiosa la escribió en tablas de piedra el dedo flameante de un Dios enojado.]

Our religion was established by the traditions of our Ancestors, the dreams of our elders that are given to them in the silent hours of the night by the Great Sprit.

[Nuestra religión la establecieron las tradiciones de nuestros antepasados, los sueños de nuestros ancianos que recibieron del Gran Espíritu en las horas silenciosas de la noche.]

And the premonitions of the learned beings.

[Y las premoniciones de los seres eruditos.]

It is written in the hearts of our people. Thus: We do not require churches- which would only lead us to argue about God. We do not wish this. Earthy things may be argued about with men, but we never argue over God.

[Se escribió en los corazones de nuestra gente. Por tanto, no nos hacen falta iglesias, que tan solo nos llevarían a argumentar sobre Dios. No deseamos esto. Las cosas terrenales deberían argumentarse con hombres, pero nosotros nunca argumentamos acerca de Dios.]

And the thought that white men should rule over Nature and change its ways following his liking was never understood by the red man.

[Y la idea de que hombres blancos tuvieran que gobernar sobre la Naturaleza y cambiar las cosas a su gusto nunca fue comprendida por los pieles rojas.]

Our belief is that the Great Spirit has created all things not just mankind, but all animals, all plants, all rocks. All on Earth and amongst the stars, with true soul. For us all, life is holy.

[Nuestra creencia es que el Gran Espíritu ha creado todas las cosas y no solamente a la humanidad, sino a todos los animales, todas las plantas, todas las rocas. Todo sobre la Tierra y entre las estrellas, con alma verdadera. Para todos nosotros, la vida es sagrada.]

But, you do not understand our prayers when we address the sun, moon, and winds. You have judged us without understanding. Only because our prayers are different.

[Sin embargo, vosotros no comprendéis nuestras oraciones cuando nos dirigimos al sol, a la luna y a los vientos. Nos habéis juzgado sin comprendernos. Solamente porque nuestras oraciones son diferentes.]

But we are able to live in harmony with all of Nature. All of Nature is within us and we are part of all Nature.

[Sin embargo, estamos dispuestos a vivir en armonía con toda la Naturaleza. Toda la Naturaleza nos rodea y somos parte de toda la Naturaleza.]

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