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Sixth Chapter, which telleth of the men, the valiant men
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Sixth Chapter, which telleth of the men, the valiant men
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Inic Chiquacen Capitulo, itechpa tlatoa in oquichtin in tiacahoa.

Sixth Chapter, which telleth of the men, the valiant men.



In oquichtli quauhtic quauhticapul: tetepito, tomaoac, pitzaoac, totomacpul, pipitzato, zan uel temimiltic, zan uel ipa quitquiticac, uel ipani. In oquichquauhtli ocelutl, nexeoac, cuicujliuic iollotlapaltic iollotepitztic iollotetl.

In qualli in nelli oquichtli moquichquetzani, iollochichic tetopeoani, teuitequini, moquichquetza moiollochichilia motlapaltilia tetopeoa teuitequi, aiac quimacaci aiac iixco tlachia.

In tlaueliloc oquichtli tenaoalpoloani, tetlanaoaltequiliani, tecacalaquini tlaoio, teauilmictiani texicaoani, mauhcazonequini, momauhtia, mauhcazonequi tetlanaoaltequilia.


The Brave Man:

The brave man is tall, very tall, small, fat, thin, very fat, very thin, somewhat like a stone pillar, moderately capable, good of appearance. The brave man is an Eagle or a Jaguar warrior, scarred, painted, courageous, brave, resolute!


The good, the true brave man is one who stands as a man, who is firm of heart, who charges, who strikes out at the foe. He stands as a man, he rallies, he takes courage; he charges, he strikes out at the foe. He fears no one, none can meet his gaze.


The bad brave man is one who leads others to destruction by his deception, who secretly puts one in difficulty; who visits other's houses; who yells; who slays others viciously, who treacherously forsakes one, who swoons with terror. He becomes frightened, he swoons with terror, he secretly puts one in difficulty.




In tiacauh, aixco eoaliztli, atlauitequiztli, apeoaltiliztli, tlapaltic, chicactic chicaoac.

In qualli tiacauh tepanauiani, tepeoani, tlalpoloani, tlamani, atlatlamati, tlalpoloa, tetopeoa, tlama temaololoa, teochpaoazuia motimaloa, tlatimaloa.

In tlaueliloc tiacauh mochaoani, moquauhitaoni, moceloitoani, moquichitoani, moquichnenequini mochamaoa, moquichitoa.

The Valiant Man

In the valiant man are invincibility, robustness, power. He is powerful, rugged, strong. The good valiant man is one who excels others--a victor, a conqueror, a taker of captives. He is reckless; he destroys, he charges the foe; he takes captives; he besieges, he sweeps away the foe. He glorifies himself, he glorifies himself by his exploits.


The bad valiant man is vainglorious, a boaster that he is an Eagle warrior, a Jaguar warrior, a brave warrior. He pretends to be a brave warrior; he brags of himself, he boasts that he is a brave warrior, yet his actions tells otherwise.



In quachic centetzontli, iaotenamitl, iaotlaueliloc tlahiloquichtli, uei oquichtli, uei tiacauh

In qualli quachi micalini milacatzoani, momiccatlazani tlacemoliniani, teochpaoazuiani quimalacachoa tecuapa tlaoquichtilia, tlacuenotilia, itech atlamacho, aiac iixco tlachia pepechteuhtlateca, tequequezteoa

In tlaueliloc quachic iaotzintopolto nacamalhuiana, nacatlazoltlani momalhuiani mauhq in iiollo mauhqui, mauhcatlacatl, tlatzinquista, momauhtia, tlacioatlamchtia, tlacioatilia tlamauhcazonequiltia, tlacomonia


The Resolute Man

The resolute man is of many virtues. He is a bulwark, furious in war; a rabid, a vigorous warrior; a great leader.


The good resolute warrior is a skirmisher, an aggressor, who hurls himself to his death; a vanquisher, a sweeper away of the foe. He encircles the foe; he turns them back. He instills courage, he instills pride. He is unchallenged; no man meets his gaze. He remains firm; he stands up against one--against many.


The man without firmness is an avoider of battle--dainty, delicate of body, self-indulgent, afraid, fearful, cowardly. He retreats--he is afraid; he acts like a woman--he is effeminate; he instills cowardice; he causes riots.




In tequioa quatzone in cacaoa, nacoche tlauize chimale, quaue.

In qualli tequioa iaotlachiani, tlanemiliani tlacxitocani, hutemoani, micalini, tlamani, tlamauhtia, mauiztli quitlaza mauiztli quiteca, tlaizauia tlama atlatlamati

In tlaeuliloc tequioa, tlaxicaoani, tlacohcaoani, tlaouicanuicani, tlaauilmictiani, iaomamaui cuecuechca in iiollo itzimiquizmaui.


The Valiant Warrior

The valiant warrior wears his hair over the back of his head; he has his lip pendant; ear plugs; war devices, shield, war club.


The good valiant warrior is a sentinel, a strategist, a tracker, a seeker of roads to the foe, a skirmisher, a taker of captives. He commands respect; he spreads--implants--fear; he terrorizes; he takes captives; he is reckless.


The bad valiant warrior is unreliable--one who sleeps at his post, who leads into ambush, who causes death through neglect. He is afraid of war, timid; he is cowardly in his retreat.



Tlacateccatl, Tlacochcalcatl:

In tlacateccatl in ioan tlacochcalcatl quauhtlato, quauhtlatoani, teuatl tlachinolli itequiuh, iaotecani uei quauhtli uei ocelutl, uel xocoztic, uel tenoztic, uel cuicuiliuhqui, miquiztequitimi.

In qualli tlacateccatl tlacochcalcatl mozcaliani, mitamini ixtozoani tlatecpanani, quiiocoia, quipitza, quimama in teuatl, in tlachinolli, tlauizteca, tlauiztlatoa hitacateca, hitacatzatzi, hitacatlatoa, huteca, hutemoa, tlacxitoca, quitlalia in iaoxcalli in quauhcalli in iaotianquiztli quimana in iaotlapixque cana in tlapepentli quintecpana in tlatlacaanque in mopachoq in tetzaoac, tetlatoltia, quittilia in campa uel iaz toiaouh

In xolopitli tlacateccatl tlacochcalcatl, tlaouitilia, tlamictia, atoiatl tepexitl quiteittitia.


The Commanding General, The General

The commanding general, as well as the general, the military governor, the ruling general: his office is warfare. He is the maneuver of troops--a courageous warrior, one whose mission is to go to his death.


The good commanding general, or general, is able, prudent, a holder of vigil, a maneuverer of forces. He devised strategy; he declares, he assumes responsibility of war. He distributes, commands, supervises the arms; he distributes, commands, supervises the provisioning. He lays out, he searches out the roads to the foe; he tracks them. He establishes the war encampments, the prisons, the marked places where one must attack in enemy land. He places the sentries, posts the chosen ones, stations the spies, the hidden ones, the concentrated ones. He interrogates them; he discovers the places where the enemy will approach--their weaknesses, their strengths. He understands his own weaknesses and strengths.


The stupid commanding general, or general, causes trouble, causes death, leads one into danger, into an untimely foolish death.



Florentine Codex Book X

[qtd. in Florentine Codex Book X]

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